Federal Field Notes is a newsletter about digital transformation in the federal Government of Canada (GoC), drawn from first-hand experience (although very occasionally in the third person). It discusses digital government in Canada in a way that’s honest, insightful, and a little irreverent. Subscribe for occasional updates about interesting gov tech stuff.

Federal Field Notes is the brainchild of Paul Craig, a Canadian civil servant whose friends are tired of hearing him whinge about his job after 3 beers, and who has always wanted to try writing in the third person.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Sounds good. I’m easy to reach.

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I am around on Twitter (@pcraig3), and I have opened up Discussions on Github.

“What are you hoping to achieve by this?”

The goal was always that you would end up on this About page.

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Email me:

Why a newsletter?

It sounds more serious than saying “it’s a blog”.

Why is it called “Federal Field Notes”?

Because “Maple Story” was already taken.

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Expect great content in your inbox 2-4 times a year!
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I am using Buttondown for the mailing list. If you subscribe, you will get emails from me sometimes. If you unsubscribe, you are gone.

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No, that is not allowed.